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Ondanks die gebroken pols toch weer gemozaïekt…hoe vin u ‘m?


  1. jenny says:

    november 10th, 2013at 22:58(#)

    Heel mooi Adeline hoe is het verder met je pols?Hoelang moet je nog in het gips?
    gr en een prettige uitzending

  2. Jimbo says:

    mei 6th, 2016at 03:41(#)

    Steve, I was thinking you must be seeing a lot of sheep where you've been trWgnliev.ailliam, thanks for mentioning those classic lyrics. The Dancing Lamb Farm lives that every day. It's a meditation–and also a lot of hard work–all mixed together.

  3. car insurance says:

    mei 16th, 2016at 02:13(#)

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  4. says:

    juli 20th, 2016at 15:31(#)

    Mai sunt È™i alÈ›ii care au fost în situaÈ›ia ta … dar eu nu am privit niciodată în urmă cu părere de rău. Cred că adolescenÈ›a a avut È™i părÈ›ile ei frumoase, cu toate lipsurile ei. Și au fost multe PS. Acum m-ai pus pe gânduri … de-aia nu mă însor eu ?

  5. kfz haftpflicht vergleich says:

    oktober 12th, 2016at 16:25(#)

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  6. says:

    februari 24th, 2017at 18:51(#)

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